Cyromazine 10% premix
Composition: Cyromazine - 10%, Starch - up to 100 % .
Character: This product should be white or off yellow powder.
Pharmacology : Cyromazine as an insect growth regulator can inhibit diptera larval molting especially the first ecdysis of larvae, and make maggots breeding blocked .It also make fly larva died of not molting. Chickens for oral administration´╝îeven low doses in excrement can kill the bots completely. When the concentration of feed reaches 1 mg/kg, it can control the growth of most bots in excrement but 5mg/kg is enough to control all kinds of bots. Generally, it takes effect after administration 6 to 24 hours, and sustain 1 ~ 3 weeks. Chickens for oral administration absorb and excrete rapidly and cyromazine accounts for 99.1% of the dose in chicken feces. For its low fat solubleness, cyromazine has Few residues in the organization. If feed the chickens with the feeding containing cyromazine 5mg/kg for 28days,maximum residual amount in the organization is less than 0.05 mg/kg in fat , 0.07 mg/kg in the muscle , 0.10 mg/kg in the liver , 0.06 mg/kg on the skin , 0.16 mg/kg in eggs. This product is harmless to human, livestock and natural enemies of the flies. It also has no effect on the growth of animals, egg production and reproduction.
CYROFLY-10 is used to control fly larvae breeding in animal mews and kill both in manure pit.

1. For chicken, the preparation has no side effects , but high concentrations can have some impact . When concentration reaches 25 mg / kg , chickens eat more , at a dose of 500 mg / kg chickens will eat less, but at doses greater than 1000 mg / kg , chicken will die because that will eat
little food .
2. If the stool will be used as ingraseminte , it is advisable for every hectare of land , to use 1000 ~ 9000 kg manure from chickens who received this preparation
3. It is advisable to avoid contact with children this preparation .

Usage and Administration: Used for 10% cyromazine premix. According to cyromazine. Mixed feeding: per 1000kg feed containing cyromazine 5g ( 50g of Cyrofly-10 ), sustain feeding 4~6 weeks.
Adverse reactions: The standards have no provisions for this product.
Withdrawal time: 3days.
Pack: 4g, 50g, 100g, 1kg, 5kg, 25kg.
Storage Conditions: Protect from direct sunlight and preserve in airtight and cool place.
Validity: 3 years.