SCIENCE AND INNOVATION I SUGGEST increasingly more options
One of the options it is CYROFLY -10 , a new option in the fight against flies . You could say that is an innovation that overturns the entire philosophy in the fight against flies and they are not just some big words , but a new concept in this area . We all know the development cycle of flies also know traditional methods of fighting it , but we are few who know that the flies flying or adults are only 10% of the total number of flies in various forms of development ( eggs , larvae at various stages of napirlire and adults ) . Therefore struggle with 10% of flies often not effective in the long term . Usually we effects that can develop if only 7-15 days , then flies back us and we start over .
CYROFLY -10 is a preparation , proposing a new POSSIBILITY THAT PARTICULAR AND TO FIGHT FOR A WHILE 90 % OF THE TOTAL NUMBER OF bite OUTBREAK (in various forms of development ) . Thus in a short period of only 4-6 weeks we can get an outstanding result . The most important aspect is that the preparation is taken with food, and working doses are extremely small .